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Santissimo Redentore a Val Melaina

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Santissimo Redentore a Val Melaina

English name: Holy Redeemer at Melaina Valley
Dedication: Jesus Christ the Redeemer
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Built: 1977
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Santissimo Redentore a Val Melaina is a modern parish and titular church at Via Monte Ruggero 63 in the suburb of Tufelo in the Monte Sacro district. Picture of the church at Wikimedia Commons [1]

The parish is administered by the Scalabriniani. The dedication is to Jesus Christ the Redeemer, and the present titular is Ersilio Tonini.

The church was designed by Ennio Canino and Viviana Rizzi to a modernist design, and completed in 1977. The ground plan is rectangular, and the church has a nave and aisles. Unusually, the aisles are brought forward at the entrance end to form two wings on either side of a courtyard in front of the entrance. These wings are stone-clad, but each has a row of ten very narrow slit windows on the end facing the street, these windows being separated by brick pilasters. One wing contains the Blessed Sacrament chapel, the other the confessional.

The church has a barrel-curved roof, and this is replicated by the roofline of the nave façade which is approached by steps (the façade is slightly higher than the actual church roof). This façade is a laterally concave blank wall which has vertical stripes in white and dark grey, the white stripes having regularly spaced pairs of dots along their edges which form horizontal lines. The central white stripe, above the entrance, has seven vertical black dots with one each in a horizontal line on the four white stripes on either side, thus forming a cross. The effect produced is striking and unusual, and is repeated at the other end of the church. There is a lenticular-shaped canopy in dull red over the entrance.

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