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Santissimo Sacramento delle Suore di San Giovanni Battista is a dependent chapel of the parish of Santa Maria Immacolata di Lourdes a Boccea , and is located at Circonvallazione Cornelia 65 in the Aurelio district, near the Cornelia metro station. It is a convent chapel of the Sisters of St John Baptist. Picture of the church at Wikimedia Commons. [1]

It is based on a ground-plan of a hexagon elongated along the major axis of the church. The walls are of dark grey concrete blocks separated on all sides by single rows of bricks in stretchers, the vertical ones being white and the horizontal, darker grey. There are three horizontal slit windows high up on each side wall, the roof is pitched in copper and there is a dumpy little conical spire in its middle surmounted by an orb and cross. The façade has a three-arched entrance loggia attached in white stone, the arches having very low curvature and the middle one being larger. Just above the entrance there is a rectangular stained glass window bearing an image of the Sacred Initials (IHS) in glory.

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